Almost all major ancient orders and civilizations talked of something known as fundamental elements i.e. Earth, Fire, Water & Air. If we close see each one of them we will realise that each is a form of Energy. Albert Einstein gave the world many things and one such thing was E=mc2

And that Law of conservation of Energy states that Energy can’t be created nor destroyed, though it can be transformed from one form to another. It is said , there is matter and then there is something also anti-matter so there can be two things either the sum total of energy in this universe is a constant or the some total of all the energy is always zero. For our sake of understanding and we don’t have extensive understanding of negative energy we will say that sum total of energy in universe is a constant as zero is also a constant.

As said Earth, Fire, Water & Air have certain amount of energy associated and if you apply Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to these cases. If we pour Earth over a fire it douses and on the other if Fire is more powerful we have lava bursts, volcanoes.

Thus, I have to say whenever an Energy in the form of Earthquake is to be released there will be a change amongst all these fundamental elements. I am not sure on what parameters and what is the mathematical relation that can be derived and I am still working on that.

Hopefully, by the next time I write I will have an answer.

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