Energy Solutions:It is there but we don’t know yet

Sometime back I was reading about Greatest Minds and I read about Srinivas Ramanujam. He was and is perhaps the greatest mathematical mind that the world has ever seen. Without any formal education he worked out brilliant formulas. He always used to say that we don’t invent things because they are already there, the thing is we don’t know about all these things yet.
Now, imagine that you time travel to 11th century and just think what Srinivas Ramanujan said. Equation of aerodynamics, Equation of Thermodynamics, Equation of Electro-magnetism, Gas Laws, Gravitation. Everything answer, every equation was already there until it was found by the great minds. Likewise, we are always working towards achieving a sustainable energy environment and we are attempting new efficient ways for achieving clean-tech energy. 
To achieve our energy goals, resources are there but we just don’t know much and we need to know more.

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