Cost, Our Needs & Environment

Three years back I had posted a small note or I should an advisory for the future about my hometown and perhaps it can be inferred that will be case or is the case now almost everywhere. Even after three years and even after so much talk about the subject matter mentioned here, things have not changed.

When as I child I often used to visit my hometown of Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. It was a wonderful place to be, had a calm and serene environment and we didn’t needed a ceiling fan back then.

Now, I am working, things have changed  and so I don’t get a lot of time but still I try to be in Palampur once in a year. And what I have noticed during my past few visits is commercialization and the serene and calm environment seems to be lost somewhere. And this commercialization is increasing at the cost of something, which if we lose we won’t get it back…ever.

Our living standards have changed and almost everyone amongst is running after money so that we can have a better lifestyle but we are losing quickly what ought to be preserved.

There has to be balance between earning money & preserving our environment.


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